2008 Tigé RZ2 ...
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Tigé RZ2 - Length: 22’ Beam: 102” Seating: 15 Weight: 4,150 Fuel: 48
The Tigé RZ2 is far more than just cutting-edge style…it’s state-of-the-art substance in the form of performance, multi-sport versatility, user comfort and renowned Tigé handling. The advanced electronics and control systems are simple to use and dramatically enhance the driving experience.

The wide-open bow is extremely dry and the comfortable cockpit is expansive, functional and user friendly. On the performance, Tigé allowed no compromise in handling and big water ride. Turning is tight, precise and as razor sharp as the RZ styling. Whether you’re doing double-ups or cruising in the lake, passengers will relish the safety, dryness and total comfort of the RZ2 ride.
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