2008 Tigé 20V ...
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Tigé 20V - Length: 20’ Beam: 96” Seating: 9 Weight: 3,478 Fuel: 30
Sporty handling combines with an outstanding range of world-class wake characteristics to make the Tigé 20V a fun, top-performing multi-sport machine. Driving the 20V is like slipping behind the wheel of a high-performance sports car. Outstanding slalom wakes give way to impressive, contest-ready wakeboarding wakes thanks to the ConvexV hull and TAPS2.

Further validating this impressive performance, the 20V was also chosen as the Official Towboat of the 2004 Tigé U.S. OPEN. The wide-open interior provides ample passenger room while the gull-wing rear storage lockers and easily accessible bow storage allow plenty of space for your gear.
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