Welcome to Tigé - A different approach ... a world of difference
Welcome to Tigé… a line of extraordinary wakeboarding and watersport boats fundamentally different than any other inboard. This year more than ever, Tigé has charted a course dramatically different than the traditional inboard status quo. Our revolutionary Tigé Adjustable Performance System and all-new ConvexV hull make Tigé unquestionably the most versatile watersport boat on the market.

Our engineering focus on performance and watersports versatility means bigger, more precision wakes for riders and superior wakes for slalom skiers. The same innovative design enhancements further improve ride, handling and overall user comfort. And from the understated elegance of our Limited models to the bold, contemporary design of our Riders Edition line, it's clear that Tigé versatility extends well beyond our breakthrough performance.
Tigé leadership in wakeboard boat technology and inboard innovation has earned praise throughout the world. Our patented TAPS-variable hull technology was called "Innovation of the Decade" by Waterski Magazine.
Our breakthrough wakeboard boat design earned Tigé "Wakeboard Boat of the Year" three years in a row. In 2001, Waterski proclaimed Tigé the "best unweighted wakeboard wake in the industry." Our boats are approved by the American Wakeboard Association and the American Waterski Association, including an AWSA Record Capable rating for our 20ci model.
On the competition level, Tigé was chosen the Official Towboat of the 2000-2003 World Wakeboard Championships and the 2002 U.S. Open Wakeboard Championships. Our team of champion pro riders includes Erik Ruck, winner of the 2002 WWA Wakeboard World Championships and the 2002 Pro Tour.
To thousands of Tigé owners throughout the world, our different approach means more comfort, versatility, safety and convenience. To riders and skiers of all levels, our superior performance means better wake characteristics, more control and a higher level of riding and skiing. And to everyone who enjoys spending time on the water, our different approach makes a world of difference. Welcome to Tigé!